Funds Raised

Founded in 1981 by Bittu Sahgal, at the behest of legendary tiger conservationist Fateh Singh Rathore, Sanctuary is India’s leading nature and conservation portal. In the years since its inception, it has come to be at the fulcrum of innumerable wildlife conservation campaigns and projects, and serves as a forum for wildlife groups, concerned individuals and non-profit organisations in the country. In 2016, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation was established to take forward the Sanctuary legacy of conservation through communication, advocacy and action. 


Sanctuary Asia and Cub Magazines

India’s largest natural history and conservation magazine, Sanctuary Asia, is published bi-monthly. Cub magazine, a special publication for young naturalists, is produced every alternate month. Our dedicated team of editors, naturalists, writers and photographers work to curate the best natural history images and content from the sub-continent for readers.

 Kids for Tigers

Founded in 1999, Kids for Tigers (KFT) is a one million strong network of children, teachers and parents who are committed to spreading the message of biodiversity conservation. The programme is introduced through KFT city coordinators to schools in select cities. The module includes a series of slide shows, interactions, workshops and events that allow children to enter the wonderful world of nature under the guidance of experts.

The Mud on Boots Project

The Mud on Boots Project is a programme designed to empower and support ‘mud-on-the-boots’ conservationists in India, regardless of their academic qualifications or affiliations. Through this programme, Sanctuary is enabling a network of on-ground conservationists across the country, each of whom is contributing steadfastly to biodiversity conservation and community engagement in distinct and measurable ways. The Mud on Boots Project provides a sum of three lakh rupees to selected Project Leaders to execute specific conservation projects over a period of two years. In addition, our team works to raise the profiles of these grassroots workers, communicate their conservation imperatives, connect them to pertinent organisations and forward their causes. Currently, 12 Project Leaders are working under this programme on conservation imperatives as diverse as the protection of the Great Indian Bustard in Rajasthan and community engagement to stop hunting in Nagaland.

Community Nature Conservancies

To address the grave problem of failing farmlands and shrinking forests, Sanctuary is pioneering a concept in India that is based on the success of community nature conservancies in South Africa, with communities retaining ownership of their lands. The idea is to provide a basket of benefits to marginal farmers residing adjacent to Protected Areas through the ‘rewilding’ of their land. These will be Community Owned Community Operated Nature Conservancies (COCOONs) that will draw significant tourist traffic. A pilot project is currently underway in the Nagpur district of Maharashtra. Sanctuary will work to promote this concept and customise and facilitate such projects in other Indian states, with both public and private partners.

Campaigns and Advocacy

With an expansive international network that includes experts on climate change, biodiversity conservation, wildlife biology and international policy, the Sanctuary Nature Foundation is uniquely positioned to introduce evolving, innovative ideas to address problems of climate change and conservation. Beyond advocating effective and holistic solutions to existing biodiversity challenges, the Sanctuary team works on issues of policy and governance in India and internationally, often collaborating with other organisations to present a united front as the face of the country’s conservation movement. Our team also routinely drives key public awareness campaigns and catalyses support for neglected environmental causes.